Soul Consciousness and God

The entity is a fragment of God or a part of “all that is” which is indescribable and cannot be understood at the human level of consciousness.

Consciousness comes into realities such as this one, with a number of physical forms within the outer body. This is demonstrated by looking at Russian nesting dolls that we have all seen, as one form fits into another.

The difference between the soul and the empty nesting dolls is the differing dimensional frequencies or energy wavelength.

The “nesting” soul forms are at different frequencies that respond to frequencies of existing dimensions all of which hosts the soul (some might call if an “over-soul.”). The Causal body is held by some to be the originating body or the human form.

Personal Power

The powers of individuals may be blocked, hampered, confused, ineffective, defeated, distorted, mind-programmed into depowerment conditions.

The powers may have been educated to non-effective levels, adulterated, intimidated, willingly or unwillingly suppressed by yourself or by others, polluted with anti-power considerations. But the powers exist even so.

One’s sense of power may even be intellectually and emotionally confused. Or it may simply be that others don’t want you to manifest your power, and have taken active, preventive measures to prevent its consolidation within you.

Take paper and pencil and list ten of the times during your life you DID feel powerful. Then write down each item, beside it make a note of what happened because you were powerful at that time. When you have finished that list study it well several times.


Expanding one’s awareness potentials certainly plays a crucial role with regard to empowerment and to power. Indeed, one has to become aware of something in order to even begin dealing with it. But there are no studies regarding awareness, much less studies regarding how to expand its fabulous spectrum.

The attributes of intuition, telepathy, and foresight are so visible among our species and in all cultures, so much so that most at least tacitly accept without question their real existence. It is true that many books about these three elements have appeared. But extensive and efficient studies of them have NEVER been officially sponsored by any invested societal power structure.

When the majority of people are kept in a state of unknowing, they are easier to influence, control, or dominate by the managers of power-structure systems. The best way of defeating empowerment among the masses is to keep absent ANY knowledge that has real implications toward empowerment. And almost anything along those lines can be rendered invisible, or at least cast into confusion.