Orgone Energy

Orgone energy discovered or rediscovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He actually was jailed and died in jail in the United States and his books were burned in 1956 in New York because of this discovery and his writings:
Here are few properties of this energy:
1. Charges and radiates from all living and non-living substances.
2. It can penetrate all forms of matter, though with varying rate of speed.
3. All materials affect the orgone energy, by attracting and absorbing it or by repelling or reflecting it.
4. It is a real physical energy and not just some metaphysical force.
5.rgone energy exists in a free form in the atmosphere and in the vacuum space.
6. It is excitable, compressible and spontaneous pulsatile capable of expanding and contracting.
7. The orgone charge within a given environment within a given substance will vary over time usually in a cyclical manner
8. The orgone ie most strongly attracted to living things to water and to itself.
9. Orgone energy can lawfully stream or flow from one location to another on the atmosphere but it generally maintains a west to east flow moving with but slightly faster than the rotation of the earth.
10 it is a medium a cosmic ocean of dynamic moving energy which interconnects the whole physical universe, all living creatures, weather systems, and planets respond to its pulsations and movements.
11. The orgone ie related but quite different from other forms of energy. It can impart a magnetic charge to ferromagnetic conductors but it is not magnetic itself.
12. It can impart the electromagnetic charge to insulators but it is neither fully electrostatic in nature.
13. It reacts with great disturbance to the presence of radioactive materials or to harsh electromagnetism., much in the manner of irritated protoplasm.
14. It can be registered on specially adapted Geiger counters.
15. Thee orgone ie also the medium through which electromagnetic disturbances are transmitted, in the manner of the cosmic ether of space, though is not itself electromagnetic in nature.
16 Streaming of orgone energy within the earth atmosphere affects changes in air circulation patterns.
17. Atmospheric orgone function underlines the build-up of storm potentials and influences the air temperature, pressure and humidity.
18. Cosmic orgone energy appears to be working in space affecting gravitational and solar phenomena.
19. The properties of the mass free orgone energy derive.more.from the life itself like the older concept vital force.
29. It exists in the atmosphere and in space.
30 Can be detected as ether or plasma energy, the ordinar6person feels the life energy as love.
31. Both the organism and weather respond to the prevailing character and state of life energy.
32. It is the medium which communicates emotions perceptions through which are connected with the cosmos.

Ancient Egypt Teachings Wisdom and Spirituality

In ancient time people from present Egypt called their country Kemet.
A complete understanding of cycles of nature and therefore man could lead to a full awareness of the cultural history of writing in ancient Kemet.

Spirituality is an understanding and practice concerned with the realization of forces visible and invisible. Religion is an organized institution the business that has evolved out if spirituality. Today the closest science to understanding spirituality is quantum physics.

The basic concept of cycles is called the five stages of the sun.

In the spirituality and religion of Khemit the five stages are ;
1. Kheper (dawn)
2. Ra (noon)
3. Oon (early or mid-afternoon)
4. Aten (late afternoon to twilight)
5. Amen(night-darkness)

These five stages represent both stages of consciousness and epoch of human prehistory and history.

Kheper the driller symbolized by the scrab beetle represents the birth of consciousness the dawn.

Ra the stubborn symbolized by the ram characterizes the adolescent or early stages of consciousness, the sun at high noon.

Oon the wise symbolized by a man standing upright with a staff sta da for adult nature consciousness the sun in the early afternoon.

Aten the Wiser symbolizes an old man hunched over with his staff is the stage of enlightenment is full flowering of conscious ess, the sun at full apex heading toward twilight.

Amen the hidden who originally had no image is the end of the cycle where we explore the loss of full consciousness, where the truth is obfuscated or hidden, the night when all is darkness.

The current phase of the Khemitian cycle started 65000 years ago.

We are the end of the kemetian cycle. These teachings were kept secret in oral traditions in circles of initiates for thousands of years.

The awakening the beginning of a new Kheper Dawn phase cycle, and the end of the 65000-year major cycle

According to the ancient Kemet teachings, the sphinx is 52000 years old.

54000 years ago was the actual beginning of the carving.

Latent Power

Human powers is best established as innate, inborn sources of supplying energy — and which sources are capable of magnification, of decrease, of being latent and untapped, and of being de-energized or depowered.

Qualities of power that can be exerted physically and mentally — all of which can be nurtured and enhanced, or caused to be latent or weakened.

The human mind is designed for learning.

It is also obvious that social processes in which everyone is embedded greatly determine what we do and do not learn, and it this factor that accounts for all types of failure to nurture many learning potentials.

People best recognize what they expect to see and often fail in recognizing whatever they do not expect to see.

For example, most do not expect to experience telepathy or intuition or other subtle activities supporting empowerment. And so they might not realize that such activities go on all the time about them. Thus, what we expect to see is visible to us, while the unexpected can.

For example, the socially engineered poor and powerless often do not expect significant increases in wealth and power, and so the subtle wherewithal of empowerment phenomena might remain invisible and meaningless even though empowerment potentials are innate within them.