Skillful Thoughts

Balance that is lasting can only come from veneration and reverence .

Veneration create a divine and intuitive connection  with other peoples  animals nature and the spirit of life.
It is a two way communication  of the soul. A form of love that rejoice in the expression of beauty of life and acknowledge  that you are in a state of balance.

Reverence follow  from veneration. When we venerate life we have reverence for it for its wonders it’s beauties  and all it gives us.

Reverence teaches you to be content with the essential you that is unchanging  and pure.

Veneration  and reverence must be received  through  natural grace  that lies in our humanity .
Allow yourself to receive them in all you do, say and think.

We have an essential  underlying  emotional  state. The most important priority in creating a balanced life is to understand this emotional state.

Emotional thought energies affect what people  do for living, the way they live, the way they treat themselves, how much they know,  and the quality of their life.