Wisdom of Thoth

Wisdom is power and power is wisdom, one with each other perfecting the whole. Without both either is useless.

Wisdom is attained through development and use of power and power is not created without wisdom.

The proud person is not wise but foolish for pride causes the proud one to reject learning, for he measures all things by his own rule and standards.

Be thou not proud o man in thy wisdom. Discourse with the ignorant as well as the wise. If one comes to thee full knowledge listen and heed for wisdom is all.

Keep not silent when evil is spoken fro Truth like the sunlight shines above all.

Cause thou not fear for fear is a bondage a fetter that binds the darkness to men.

Follow your hearth during your lifetime,. Do more than is commanded of you.

When you have gained riches follow your hearth for all these are of no avail if your hearth is weary.

It is necessary to have a guide while on the path. Otherwhise one is led astray attempting to find an easier way.

Love is the beginning and the end of the path for in love lies oneness.

Repeat not extravagant speech neither listen to it for it is the utterance of one not in equilibrium. Speak not of it so that those before you may know wisdom Extravagant speech always shows lack of balance.

Silence id of great profit. An abundance of speech profit nothing. Silence is the key to advancement. Retain power within yourself in silence Make not yourself great for all have potential the same power.

The greatness does not require self praise. Let other acknowledge your greatness which is recognized by your attitude toward your fellowman.

Nature and Faith

In paying respect to the nature you pay respect to yourself. And know that you are part of the nature too, and so faith is inspired.

Anywhere there is nature there is making faith.

You can find and develop faith and a knowing trust that all will be well by going into nature and immersing yourself in it.

By gazing into the vastness of a blue sky and loosing the repetitive chatter of your everyday mind, or by being part of the growing energy of a forest, or by merging your spirit with the surge of a sea.