Inner Sense and Psychological Time

Each can perceive the inner realities using the second inner sense.
The inner sense or psychological time have been discussed under different names in ancient manuscripts.

Psychological time belongs to the inner self that is to the mind. It is a collective  portion  of the inner senses , a natural pathway  meant to give easy access  from the inner to outer world and back again.

You are far more than the conscious  mind and the self which you do not admit is the portion  that not only insures your own physical  survival, but which is also the connective between yourself and your inner reality.

The outer senses will not help man the inner purpose that drive him.

Unless he uses inner senses he might loose what he had gained.

Inner senses give much stronger impressions  that outer senses. It is possible to achieve counterparts of sight, sound, smell and touch using inner senses.

It is hard to explain inner data in terms of outer data.

A communication coming through inner senses will exist in your psychological time. Psychological time operates during sleep and quiet hours of consciousness.

In dreams you may have the feeling of experiencing many hours or days. These days are not recorded by the physical body and are outside of the time camouflage

from Jane Roberts and Seth books