Sound and Vibration

The sound is vibration and vibration is substance.
Little drops of vibrations make up the Sun Sound can heal and it can cause diseases. Low frequencies attack the body from the substance information that enters into your being.

When you hear up your food in the microwave this produce negative electromagnetic waves which create low-frequency sound within your food cells damaging the nitrogen particles and creating cancer cells.

The sound is also used to break up and disorganized matter. Ultrasound breaks up kidney stones. There are sounds that are so high that we cannot hear them but they exist.

There are vibrations around us that we cannot see that we ignore that we ignore and we only focus on the one we can identify that are acknowledge by the physical war.

We can lower the negative energies of our minds with meditation or concentration we can focus on the vibrations or in sounds that are in the outer dimensional circumference of our existence.

The music frequently of 852 Hertz initiate the spiritual order. When the vibration is 528 Hertz this allows for DNA repair. (Beethoven music). So when you listen to these types of music is good for you.

Information is all around you and is waiting to travel through your DNA. It is carried by Light from the third eye of the soul(ar) system.