Aura seen clarvoyantly is an emanation said to surround human beings and supposed to proceed from the nervous systems. It is described as an oval cloud of light and stuffed with various colors.

This is perceived clairvoyant being imperceptible to the physical sight.

During Renaissance the author Paracelus indicated auras as
” the vital force is enclosed in man but radiates around him like a luminous sphere, and it may be made to act at a distance. In these semi natural rays the imagination of man may.produce healthy or morbid effects.

It may poison the essence of life and cause diseases or it may purify it after it has been made impute and restore the health.

Out thoughts are simply magnetic emanations which in escaping from our brains penetrate into kindred heads and carry thither with a reflection of our life the mirage of our secrets.

The modern science assumed that the universe was made up of matter and the physical atoms. Was the smallest indivisible particle of matter.

During the atomic era it was seen that the atom was divisible into energetic particles.

The atom was composed of energy and that implied that the most fundamental ingredient of the universe was energy not matter.

Out of the energies or because if them the atom of physical matter are somehow composed and come into physical existence or electromagnetic existence.