Crop circles

Southern England has known crop circles sites. They are associated  with weak weather  fronts crossing the region.

High rate of crop circles appeared at Wiltshire  and Hampshire. The importance  of chalk soil,  insulating, electrically charged soil from the subsoil chalk beneath.

Creation of crop circles are associated  with luminous  balls of light that are sometime colored and sometime pulsate. Red and orange tinted lights are most frequently seen, colors that correspond  to the emission spectrum of atmospheric nitrogen and it’s oxides.

Radio frequency  effects are sometime noted.
In August 1986 in mountain  of Yamagata Japan  and maintain diameter  of circle was blasted into a pond , 20 tones of water wasted front the rice paddy and a period  of severe television  interference  was associated  with this event. Also a report of bright orange light of ball lighting was also reported.

Colors lights occasionally  pulsating  and with an audible hum are all authenticated.