Mundo Subteraneus, Athanasius Kirchner, Voynich Manuscript and Robert Brumbaugh

Athanasius  Kirchner a Jesuit scholar working in Rome published  Mundo Subteraneus  a publication which include a upside down map of Atlantis that is most famous ever drawn.

What made the book unique was was it’s minuscule  handwritten  text composed of alphabetic characters completely  indescribable.

Kirchner didn’t dare to pretend to have broken the misterios manuscript.

After Kirchner death the manuscript  was lost until 1912 when it was purchased  by an antique dealer Wilfrid Voynich. Byn1969 what is now as the Voynich  Manuscript made its way to Yale University.

There it fell into the hands of a philosophy  professor  named Robert Brumbaugh.

Robert Brumbaugh who died in 1992 was no a typical philosophy  professor. He worked as a code breaker in the US Army Signal Corps during World War II.

Brumbaugh  concluded that the text might have been a “treatise on the Elixir of Life”.