Sumerian Texts and Genetic Defects

Selection from my next book Forgotten Knowledge By Liliana Usvat

Sumerian Texts talk about genetic defects. In creation of the primitive worker by Enki with the assistance of Ninmah. The  attempt  to re combine the strands of hominid DNA with the strands of Anunnaki  DNA to create a new hybrid  being was a process of trail and error and the beings initially brought about sometimes lacked organs or limbs or had too many of them.

The Babylonian  priest Berossus  who in the third century B.C. compiled for the Greeks the hystory  and knowledge of earlier Sumerian described the failed result  of Man’s creators by reporting that some of the trail and errors  beings had two heads on one body. Such monsters have indeed depicted  by the Sumerians, as well as an other anomaly  -a being with one head but two faces called Usmu.

Specifically mentioned in the text was a being who could not hold its urine, and a variety of malfunctions such as eye sigh  disease, trembling hands, an improper liver, a failing heart  and sickness  of old age.

The text called “Enki  and Ninmah: The creation of mankind.” besides listings more dysfunction (rigid hands, paralysis feet, ) also depicted Enki as a caring god who rather than destroying such deformed beings found some useful life for them.

When one outcome was a man with faulty  eyesight ,Enki  taught him an art that did not require seeing the art of singing and playing the lyre.

Ninmah continue on her own genetic engineering. Initially the results were terrible but. In time she stated that she could make a new being as perfect or as imperfect as she wished.