According to Ingo Swann in his book “Psychic Literacy and the Coming of the Psychic Renaissance”
“Outside the disciplined psychic arts and crafts people in general experience spontaneous drops of invisible information. We name this phenomenon shootsaying; a word that almost was forgotten.”

These occur in a wide spectrum of anything from modest hunches and gut feelings through dreams up to and including elaborate visions.
The trouble is that dreams and other spontaneous occurrences need to be interpreted. Seldom they deliver information in clear cut forms that the intellect can understand.

Although given individuals learn to work with psychic elements our culture as a whole has completely lost the tradition needed for analyzing and finding the truth in the encrypted contents of gut feelings, hunches, dreams, and elaborate visions. The ancients had several titles for such interpreters who could figure it out what spontaneous psychic intrusions were wanting to say. The ancients shootsayers held forth oracular sites or buildings specially constructed for their purposes. These sites were named sleep temples, healing temples or dream temples. Few attempts have been made to reconstruct and get an idea if their exact function. They were tasked with psychic type information management. The ancients accepted the existence of invisible energies and forces and felt obliged to try to monitor their invisible workings. Apparently a large part of monitoring took place in the sleep /healing /dream temples. In Greek and Roman times it is known that at least four hundred of these temples existed. If we add Middle East and Egypt perhaps there were thousands or more to say nothing about India and China.

At least three things went in these temples.

1 The first was dream analysis undertaken on the assumption that one’s personal psychic factors were trying too alert the individual to some important forthcoming event or time.

2 Second healing must have been a kind of psychic psychotherapy whose methods are completely us now. Apparently was held and demonstrated that anyone who was ill also possessed the knowledge within self to cure.and that in a trance or dream like state akin.
Shamanistic practices could be elicited and acted upon.

3. Third certain activities must have focused on hypnotic like subliminal suggestion like activities which are rediscovered today as subliminal programming.

At least dream interpretation was big stuff. If soothsayers were good at what they did is easy to see why they were considered valuable. When a person gets an itch to consult some psychic type practitioner generally they are experiencing some kind of tangible crisis and want an answer for it.