Mahatmas the Cooper Mirror Training Device

The history of the methods and equipment that might extend human perceptions is interesting.

Extending the human perception is highly desirable because the sum of human knowledge can increase in gigantic steps.

Those knowledge have implications concerning status quo stability of given societal framework. Such increases are resisted with whatever methods might be involved.

A training device designed to enhance the perceptual system beyond the physical one must first to energize the energy sensing factors of the human organism.

A description of such training device has been in existence since 1927. The source of the description “The Mahatma Letters”
The legendary Mahatmas are said to be Great Teachers living in the Trans Himalayan vastness of Tibet and Mongolia.

The term Mahatma is Sanskrit , compound word meaning Great Self. The Mahatmas are perfected men.

They are men not spirit entities, who have evolved through self devised efforts in individual evolution.

They are not created by any extra cosmic Deity.

They have achieved intellectual and spiritual supremacy by lifting themselves by their own efforts.

They posses knowledge of Nature’s secrets processes and of hidden mysteries.

The Great Selves are teachers because they occupy themselves with instructing mankind of inspiring elevating thoughts

They are the guardians of wisdom forgotten or yet unknown thoughts. They can be called Sages, Masters, Elder Brothers Seers, Immortals.

They are not dead persons operating from Ephemeral realm. They are alive with very extended life span.

They possess higher levels of thinking, with extensive power of Clairvoyance and telepathy with the ability to influence the minds of men and to bi-locate.

Mahatmas communicated with the early theosophists. Mahatmas would cause letters to be precipitated out of air and fall down to a table or to the floor or cause the letters to be discovered in unexpected places.

At some time Mahatmas began to deposit the letters in a Shrine at the Theosophical compound in Adyar India.

A. P. Sinnett (1840 – 1921) was one of the three founders of the Theosophical Society in New York 1875.

He developed a method of posing questions in his own mind and answers would be manifested by the MaƱdala.

In 1882 he was wondering how to develop increases self awareness and clairvoyance.

He received a letter which was published in 1923 in “The Mahatma Letters” to A.P. Sinnett book. The original ended at British Museum .

Dr Elmer and Alice Green in New York built such a device and Ingo Swann the psychic spy that invented and tested ” remote viewing technique” for the US military was one if the 19 testing it in 1989 after his retirement from the army.

Magnetic and electrostatic fields are involved in the state of consciousness named lucidity.

Swann was tested in a cooper room whose four walls and floor were made of cooper panels and the room was raised on glass legs. A 14 Gaussian magnet was suspended in the air above the subject ‘s head.

As a result after the third 1.h session all the chakras of the subject were open and he (Ingo Swann) can see X ray of his bones, blood circulation, Ray’s of energy emitted by the body and much much more.

From Psychic Sexuality by Ingo Swann