Mind Power

It is possible that individuals can be selectively educated and socially conditioned so as to become unaware that minds have powers. The mind energy can be vitalized and/or devitalized — which is to say, nurtured and empowered, or depowered and deadened.

Mind-energy-powers can be artificially shaped by information-knowledge inputs, and by withholding them. All kinds of reality boxes can be formatted depending on knowledge provided or withheld.


The sense of self importance  lead people away from the truth.

Simple life in close contact with nature is an absolute condition for happiness and peace.

The humanity deep spiritual concreteness  to nature and especially  trees still survives today in folk customs and such universals  symbols of rebirth as the Christmas  tree.

John Taylor Gatti speaking  of his decades of teaching experience  declares that the school system has been deliberately  designed to dun children down and kill the creative potential, so as to turn them into compliant  members of the faceless workforce.

You should live close to the plants. Do not cut trees. GOD CO CREATED EVERYTHING. All ar his little children.

We should try to determine the truth with your feelings. Trust yourself to them. Free yourself from mercenary  dogmas.
from Anastasia Series By Vladimir Megree.