Bio Information

According to Ingo Swann in his book Psychic Literacy: & the Coming Psychic Renaissance, “We are not composed only of matter but of electromagnetic structures or blueprints as well.

The conventional attitudes of science should be altered to incorporate these bio electromagnetic discoveries and their implications. “

These bio electric blueprints are of extraordinary importance to medicine psychology biology, chemistry, physics, creativity, human well being and psychic stuff.

Bio electromagnetism is an important bridge between our physical bodies and the realms of invisible energies and forces, and via this bridge information which is subtle in nature flows in and out of our direct sensing systems.

The new discipline of studying human electromagnetic bio information energies is still in infancy.

According to Ingo Swann should be expanded to include extra dimensional and inter dimensional possibilities. The human bio information possibilities include cracking through the matter time barriers.

Fred Alan Wolf in his book Parallel Universes popularize quantum physics.
He uses terms as space warps, time warps imaginary space and space time.

He talks about lucid dreaming as an activity which Mark’s the overlapping of parallel dimensions in which consciousness or bioinformation potentials can exist simultaneously.

He points out that time is invisible and that is now a legit6physics perception that things do not exist in a single universe but in a series of parallel ones and that the mind can and does live in parallel worlds as well.

In chapter 27 entitled Quantum two-timers and more messages from the future the topic of talking to yourself in the future is examined. And in doing so he presents a major topic of psychic precognition and prophecy.


Assuming that you accept the idea that your direct sensing systems really exist, take few moments several times a day to relax quietly and try to focus on them.

Doing this will strengthen the links between these direct sensing systems a d your intellect.

Do not be surprised if this link is weak at first. It is in many people. In doing this simple exercises do not try to e telepathic or clairvoyant. This are intellectual concepts that may or may not have anything to do with how your direct sensing systems perceive or interact with bio information.

Learn to recognize your direct sensing systems in their own terms a d not upon terms that are artificially intellectual labels.

from “Psychic Literacy: & the Coming Psychic Renaissance” by Ingo Swann

Practical Applications of Psychic Stuff

Peoples are interested in something if uses for it can be found, whether or not science can account for it or not.
What purposes and functions serve the psychic staff?
There are psychic linkage between mind body organism and something else.

Intuition is a link between the person and something he or she needs to know.
Clairvoyance is a link between distant places and events
Telepathy is a link between peoples.and even animals.
Precognition and prophecy form link with the future.
Post-cognition is a link with the past.
Psychokinesis is a link trough which some kind of energy flows to create physical effects.
Past life memory is a link with past life.
Apparitions are links with different dimensions.
Spirituality is a link with harmony or heaven.
The Devil is a link with disarmony.
Dreams and visions and inspired ideas are links to the unconscious which in turn are li led to past and future events.
The whole comes together with the concept of psychic linkage.
Like a fish swimming in the.water the last thing the fish will notice is the water. We are swimming in a sea of physical and psychic linkage of connections so omnipresent that unless we turn our attention to deliberately trying to.perceive the environment in detail we probably will not.

The psychic phenomena are not things in themselves they are the result of linkage.

Humans are linked together with the visible and invisible environments with others with past present and future events with other dimensions.

We are not independent biological organisms. We are bio psychic organisms linked together in many ways including ways that are psychic.

All thinks are in some form linked to each other and independent on each other. When linkage breaks down so does the interconnectedness. All psychic phenomena are information link exchange of some kind. Telepathy, clairvoyance, are not a thing in itself it is a information exchange.

We live in a universe of information exchange of all kinds. Our psychic interconnectedness is our key to entering those networks.
Communication between all beings are apparent and easily demonstrated purpose of all our psychic potentials.

from the book Psychic Literacy: & the Coming Psychic Renaissance by Ingo Swann


Biomagnetics is a science with a background of over 5000 years worth of research and use.

The employment of magnetism in healing has been traced back to 3000 B.C. I documented Chinese Medicine using lodestones or natural occurs g magnets for healing

In ancient Egypt medicine practitioners used lodestones for healing.

At the time was called magic for healing but today would be named holistic.

Pharaonic medicine influenced ancient civilizations of Greek and Romans.

Malta.the ancient Eastern cultures embraced the art of healing g from Egypt. The Malteze order is considered to be the successor of the Egyptian Priesthood and the emissaries of this ancient wisdom. Their secrets of healing were preserved and passed from parent to child.

Paracelus born in 1493 known as father of medicine was direct descendant of the Grand Prior of the Kings of Malta. He was instructed by his father in the secrets of this ancient medicine combined the mysteries of the Egyptians with modern education. He wrote articles in healing with herbs and magnets providing the public with prescriptions and instructions for diagnosis.

He wrote in his book the causes and origins of diseases and detailed explanation of the forces radiated by magnets.

He explained that the chemical balance within the internal environment of the human body was directly influenced by magnetism.


The Latin term for “life breath” principle was Anima meaning breath.

In late Latin Anima was referring to soul. Soul represented the breath Factor of the life principle.

In ancient times there were concepts that referred to entity like factors designated by the term soul or its many linguistic equivalents.

Later Anima and Soul collapsed into each other the earlier distinctions becoming ambiguous.

from “Psychic Sexuality the bio psychic anatomy of sexual energies ” by Ingo Swann

Life Principle

In the modern period no absolute philosophical or scientific explanation was considered necessary regarding the nature essence and energies of what the ancients had generally dubbed the Life principle.

However in terms of recorded history the need the need to define Life Principle was felt from at least 3000 B.C. to late Renaissance so this called for appropriate names or words.

In a number of cultural languages the basic terms basic terms always had to do with breath since that is what living things did.

They also stopped breathing upon death at which time it was conceived that the breath of life departed from the physical body now empty of life principle.

After life principle departed the body was no longer animated and turned back into its material dust.

Change Route and the Future

Whether and when future -positive or future-negative change route coalesce can be determined astrologically.

When change routes do coalesce, can do so either in balancing or imbalance ways. And it can be taken for granted that change route imbalances are always future negative until such time that balances can be restored.

Coalesce means to come together and form one mass or whole.

There are 7 kinds of coalescing change routes.

1. Intervention impact changes. These are changes that humans have no access over and must adjust to their aftermath. Trend analysis or cycle analysis cannot foresee intervention impacts.

Example California sinking, big comet hitting the earth, assassination of a president, the sudden appearance of a new invention that redirects the economic and cultural history.

2.It will change because it can change. This is analogous wit Murphy’s Laws. A larger number of these changes are cyclical sensitive

Example Politics will change because it can change.

3. What changes does so because it does. There is no avoiding of a does-change.

Example life cycles.

4. What must change must change.
Circumstances that reach a specific point and can go no farther then must change since nothing can stay the same forever. There is no other option with regard to a must change

Example the Soviet Union reached a must change in 1980. United States are quickly reaching a must change points with regard to its economy and social imbalances.

5. Spirals of growth and decline. This is analogous to what goes up must come down. Any activity will undergo growth and decline often in cyclical fashion.

6. Stop and start changes. Certain things stop while other things start. Sometimes what starts often replace what has stopped. Stop-start changes are very good at making the past detached from the future.

Example. The industrial revolution separated the medieval serfdom past (feudal labourer) from the industrial future and started capitalism and wage slavery two things that never get a good start in the past.

The evolution of computers started a new future and the age of typewriters stopped.

7. Transitional changes. A transitional change is a period between growth and decline, and what stop and what starts. Transitional changes refer to paradigm changes that are when one set of realities, mindset and telepathic osmosis expectations is in process of being replaced by a new set.

Example earth itself has entered a big transitional epoch during which the outdated past is about to give way to a new future which is in the process to encode itself.

Mind Power

It is possible that individuals can be selectively educated and socially conditioned so as to become unaware that minds have powers. The mind energy can be vitalized and/or devitalized — which is to say, nurtured and empowered, or depowered and deadened.

Mind-energy-powers can be artificially shaped by information-knowledge inputs, and by withholding them. All kinds of reality boxes can be formatted depending on knowledge provided or withheld.


The sense of self importance  lead people away from the truth.

Simple life in close contact with nature is an absolute condition for happiness and peace.

The humanity deep spiritual concreteness  to nature and especially  trees still survives today in folk customs and such universals  symbols of rebirth as the Christmas  tree.

John Taylor Gatti speaking  of his decades of teaching experience  declares that the school system has been deliberately  designed to dun children down and kill the creative potential, so as to turn them into compliant  members of the faceless workforce.

You should live close to the plants. Do not cut trees. GOD CO CREATED EVERYTHING. All ar his little children.

We should try to determine the truth with your feelings. Trust yourself to them. Free yourself from mercenary  dogmas.
from Anastasia Series By Vladimir Megree.