The Sumerian Origin of Epic of Creation

In antiquity the temples were the seat of the s scientific knowledge and the priests were the savants.

This was so because when civilization began the gods who were worshiped were no others that the Anunnaki/Nephilim whom were the source of knowledge alias science on Earth.

The merging of state and religion and science was nowhere more complete that in Babylon. There the original Sumerian epic if creation was translated and revised is that Marduk the Babylonian national God was assigned a celestial counterpart by naming Nibiru, “Marduk” in the Babylonian version of the creation story.

The Babylonians usurped for Marduk the attributes of the supreme God of heaven and earth.

Thus, version the most intact one is known as “Enuma Elish” meaning “When in the heights” It was the most hallowed religious political scientific document if the land it was read as a central part of the new year celebration and played re-enacted the tale in passion plays to bring its import home to the masses.

The clay tablets on which they were written were prize possession of temples and royal libraries on antiquity.

The decipherable of the writing on the clay tablets discovered in the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia more that a century ago led to the realization that texts existed that related to biblical creation tale Millennia before the Old testament was compiled.

Especially important were texts found in the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal in Nineveh. They recorded a tale of creation that matches in some parts words for words the tale of genesis.

George Smith of the British museum pieced together the broken tablets that held the creation text and published in 1876 “The Chaldean Genesis” tale written in old Babylonian dialect that preceded the biblical text by at least thousand years.

Excavations between 1902 -1914 uncovered tablets with the Assyrian version of creation epic in which the name of Ashur the Assyrian National God was substituted for that of the Babylonian Marduk.

Subsequent discoveries established not only the extent of copying and translation in antiquity of this epic text but also the unmistakable Sumerian origin.


Research Material for the book “Forgotten Knowledge” by Liliana Usvat

The Electrical System

Selections from my next book “Forgotten Knowledge”

The electrical system is composed or electricity that is different from our idea of it.

The electricity as we perceive it is an echo emanation or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsations which give actuality to many phenomena which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical field.

The electrical system is vastly dense. This is a denseness that does not take up space that is caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical but there are no identical impulses within them.

The gradation of intensities is so minute that it would be impossible to measure them, and yet each field contains in coded forms the actual living reality of endless eons.; contain the past present and the future of unnumbered universes; contains the coded data of any and every consciousness that has been or will be in any universe.

The density is extremely important for it is a density of intensities.  The electricity that is perceivable within our systems is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that we cannot perceive.

Electricity has been studied only by observing the projection of it that are perceivable within their terms of reference. Distorted explanation will be given if the physical instruments will be able to give a glimpse of this reality that is not in the systems of reference of the present science.

Inner self offer many clues. It operates outside of physical references, it is of itself free of distorted effects.

Dream location have psychological reality and a definite actuality. Dream locations are composed of electrical mass density and intensity.

Each of your thoughts is composed of a unique intensity of impulse shared by noting else, also every dream you will have in your lifetime; all your experience is gathered together in particular ranges of intensity completely unique and the summation of all that you are exists in one minute range or band of intensities.

This not only applies to your physical field but also to all others. Your field is contained within its own range of intensities a tiny band of electrical impulses a million times smaller that one note picked at random from the entire mass of smaller than one note picked at random from the entire mass of musical composition.

All motion is mental or psychological motion and all mental or psychological motion has its electrical reality. The inner self moves by moving through intensities. Each new experience opens up a new pulsation intensity. TO move through intensities within the electrical system gives the result in the physical field of moving trough time.