Energy Ley Lines

The earth is covered by these energy lines.
They are:

Single positive lines most of the time one meter wide. This line is indicated by a single crossing of the dowsable rods. There is a direction of the flow of energy flow in the line.

The negative lines this happen when the two rods open and oppose each other. Negative lines seem to be connected directly  to the earth energy and to be instrumental in the discharge  of other line energy.

Three lines that run together which are known as three line Ley .  These lines are present in churches and tumuli. These are the lines that the crop circles form between. They are 100 m apart. They have property  of telepathy when thoughts  are focused and of unconscious  healing for for human and animals.

When dowsable  rods are pointed right to left shows flow of energy in line and also can indicate the flow of water underground.

Whirly  lines are when the dowsable  rods start to spin round as you walk through this line. This is a powerful line. These lines are less common but seems to be instrumental in transporting energy în greater quantities  that positive lines do.

Where lines cross the rods will spin round at one spot because of the vortexes made by the lines crossing.

Multiple of four lines the rods will point alternately left and right until you met the negative line which mark the edge of the complex.

The birds navigate by the lines of our standing energy field. Solar flares storms that hit the earth atmosphere  upset magnetic field and Ley lines.

Oil drilling also disrupt  the Ley lines. This upset each air  navigation that cannot use the compass and need to use visual navigation.

Lightning  has effect on line grid system  and are one of the causes of energy increase or at least helping to sustain  it.