Dream Recall

Dream  recall and practical  aspects of dream investigations let us use the dreams in our daily  life.

This encourage the flexibility  of consciousness.

Buy a notebook to be used exclusively  for dreams. Keep it with a pencil or a pen by your bed. Before you fall to sleep at night give yourself  sugestion .”I will remember  my dreams and write them down in the morning.

You will find that you will remember  them when you wake-up . Write  them  down at once before getting  out of bed. Concentrate  about capturing  as much of the dream content as possible.

If you recall  several  dreams jot down quick sentence about each then add the details. Leave space after each entry  for future notes.

Do not use a clock radio with news on. The dream must be recalled before you become mental involved with the world’s  activities.

The unseen self is not a dungeon of repressed ideeas and feelings dangerous  to behold but the fountain  of individual  existence upon which our  present physical  survival is dependent.

It is our pathway to creative  expression  inspiration  and wisdom a doorway  to our greater  identity.

The method  of dream recall  will allow  many  people  to remember  more dreams in a month  that they  previously  did in their entire lives.

Sugestion  will allow  you to awakes soon as a dream is completed. The dream will be fresh. You can record your dream with a microphone  easily at hand then you can speak your dream with less effort than is required  to write it down.

Records must be kept. The simplest  part of this experiment will involve the use of sugestion  to awaken you self at the completion  of each dream.

The first recalled  dream for any given evening be compared  with the first  recalled  dream from other evenings, the second recalled  dream from any evening  be compared  with the second dream from other evenings and so forth.

If this experiments are carried  on consistently  over a product of years the results lead to excellent evidence for the various  layers the subconscious  and inner self.

Unknowns characters within the dream action person’s unknown  to your daily life should be given careful attention. The primary  colours should be noted.

Dream events should  be checked against physical  reality so that any clairvoyant  elements  should be checked .