Remote Viewing Definition

“The term is interchangeable with the term clairvoyance. Clairvoyance, translated to English, is “clear seeing” or “clear vision” and both terms refer to seeing subjectively beyond the human perceptual range. Future seeing falls into that category. Thus, Nostradamus was a ‘remote viewer.’

Each human has the potential to step outside of its fixations and accumulated thought garbage and clarify to its omnipresent self. As Stewart Edward White put it, ‘The universe is unobstructed.’ Each individual can leave local processes and switch to non-local.

The non-local is clear seeing or seeing it as it is and not tainted by local mind-sets, ideas and egocentric energy. The best way to begin the art of remote viewing is to practice meditation daily until you master it.
Meditation is the great filter for the mental circus of garbled energies floating in the mind. Find a meditation group and practice with them. Soon enough, the clear blue horizon of the universal mind, omnipresent mind, will begin to reveal itself.

definition given By Ingo Swann

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