Bio Information

According to Ingo Swann in his book Psychic Literacy: & the Coming Psychic Renaissance, “We are not composed only of matter but of electromagnetic structures or blueprints as well.

The conventional attitudes of science should be altered to incorporate these bio electromagnetic discoveries and their implications. “

These bio electric blueprints are of extraordinary importance to medicine psychology biology, chemistry, physics, creativity, human well being and psychic stuff.

Bio electromagnetism is an important bridge between our physical bodies and the realms of invisible energies and forces, and via this bridge information which is subtle in nature flows in and out of our direct sensing systems.

The new discipline of studying human electromagnetic bio information energies is still in infancy.

According to Ingo Swann should be expanded to include extra dimensional and inter dimensional possibilities. The human bio information possibilities include cracking through the matter time barriers.

Fred Alan Wolf in his book Parallel Universes popularize quantum physics.
He uses terms as space warps, time warps imaginary space and space time.

He talks about lucid dreaming as an activity which Mark’s the overlapping of parallel dimensions in which consciousness or bioinformation potentials can exist simultaneously.

He points out that time is invisible and that is now a legit6physics perception that things do not exist in a single universe but in a series of parallel ones and that the mind can and does live in parallel worlds as well.

In chapter 27 entitled Quantum two-timers and more messages from the future the topic of talking to yourself in the future is examined. And in doing so he presents a major topic of psychic precognition and prophecy.


Assuming that you accept the idea that your direct sensing systems really exist, take few moments several times a day to relax quietly and try to focus on them.

Doing this will strengthen the links between these direct sensing systems a d your intellect.

Do not be surprised if this link is weak at first. It is in many people. In doing this simple exercises do not try to e telepathic or clairvoyant. This are intellectual concepts that may or may not have anything to do with how your direct sensing systems perceive or interact with bio information.

Learn to recognize your direct sensing systems in their own terms a d not upon terms that are artificially intellectual labels.

from “Psychic Literacy: & the Coming Psychic Renaissance” by Ingo Swann