Practical Applications of Psychic Stuff

Peoples are interested in something if uses for it can be found, whether or not science can account for it or not.
What purposes and functions serve the psychic staff?
There are psychic linkage between mind body organism and something else.

Intuition is a link between the person and something he or she needs to know.
Clairvoyance is a link between distant places and events
Telepathy is a link between peoples.and even animals.
Precognition and prophecy form link with the future.
Post-cognition is a link with the past.
Psychokinesis is a link trough which some kind of energy flows to create physical effects.
Past life memory is a link with past life.
Apparitions are links with different dimensions.
Spirituality is a link with harmony or heaven.
The Devil is a link with disarmony.
Dreams and visions and inspired ideas are links to the unconscious which in turn are li led to past and future events.
The whole comes together with the concept of psychic linkage.
Like a fish swimming in the.water the last thing the fish will notice is the water. We are swimming in a sea of physical and psychic linkage of connections so omnipresent that unless we turn our attention to deliberately trying to.perceive the environment in detail we probably will not.

The psychic phenomena are not things in themselves they are the result of linkage.

Humans are linked together with the visible and invisible environments with others with past present and future events with other dimensions.

We are not independent biological organisms. We are bio psychic organisms linked together in many ways including ways that are psychic.

All thinks are in some form linked to each other and independent on each other. When linkage breaks down so does the interconnectedness. All psychic phenomena are information link exchange of some kind. Telepathy, clairvoyance, are not a thing in itself it is a information exchange.

We live in a universe of information exchange of all kinds. Our psychic interconnectedness is our key to entering those networks.
Communication between all beings are apparent and easily demonstrated purpose of all our psychic potentials.

from the book Psychic Literacy: & the Coming Psychic Renaissance by Ingo Swann