Biomagnetics is a science with a background of over 5000 years worth of research and use.

The employment of magnetism in healing has been traced back to 3000 B.C. I documented Chinese Medicine using lodestones or natural occurs g magnets for healing

In ancient Egypt medicine practitioners used lodestones for healing.

At the time was called magic for healing but today would be named holistic.

Pharaonic medicine influenced ancient civilizations of Greek and Romans.

Malta.the ancient Eastern cultures embraced the art of healing g from Egypt. The Malteze order is considered to be the successor of the Egyptian Priesthood and the emissaries of this ancient wisdom. Their secrets of healing were preserved and passed from parent to child.

Paracelus born in 1493 known as father of medicine was direct descendant of the Grand Prior of the Kings of Malta. He was instructed by his father in the secrets of this ancient medicine combined the mysteries of the Egyptians with modern education. He wrote articles in healing with herbs and magnets providing the public with prescriptions and instructions for diagnosis.

He wrote in his book the causes and origins of diseases and detailed explanation of the forces radiated by magnets.

He explained that the chemical balance within the internal environment of the human body was directly influenced by magnetism.