Human Sensitivity and Social Conditioning

The basic societal way of numbing down human sensitivities is a time tested societal way to prevent sensing.

This in love not teaching people how to expand refilling e and hinder their innate sensitivities beyond what is needed to fit them into average societal formula.

There are two dynamics of social conditioning regarding perception.

Most people might realize that they might be victims to social conditioning, and most people do not realize that social conditioning agendas exist.

There is little real information publicly available as to the methods utilized to effect such conditioning.

The social conditioning cant take place unless the quite excellent and remarkable perception of each human organism are first dubbed down in certain strategic aspects.

After all any individual that can perceive a whole lot also will become enabled to know a whole lot.

Human perception can be conditioned by social cultural and environmental factors.

The effectiveness of social organizing depends a great deal of uniformity of perception among those belonging to the social grouping.

Most social structures are build up in direct support of some kind of doctrinal ideas the perception of the inhabitants of the structures are educationally conditioned to reflect the doctrinal ideas.

The philosophical doctrines of the modern sciences denied the existence of human animating energies.

This doctrinal denial resulted in two aspects:
1. The necessity to trash evidence of the energies to keep the doctrine sanitized
2. Educational conditioning to deaden perception of the animating energies or at least condemn them to high level of social intolerance if they occurred spontaneously in peoples.