Wisdom and Education

Wisdom can be thought of as doing the right thing at the right time.

There are no educational curricula (no Wisdom 101s) anywhere that might nurture wisdom, and there is no concise history of it. What one finds instead is that when wisdom is mentioned (as some philosophers do), it is only in passing and usually via some kind of proverb or aphorism that hints of it, but says not much more.

In the last two hundred years during which it has seldom prevailed anywhere if it does come into existence, as factors that have seldom, if ever, been brought to light.

Humans have capacities to produce wisdom, and then not utilize it.

Modern technology is capable of predicting hurricanes, tornadoes, and even earthquakes. But the warnings are ignored to a notorious degree, even when becoming self-evident. The real disaster, in terms of human life, almost always comes from this uniquely human failure to heed the signs.

Deadly consequences come about with respect to manmade disasters. World Wars I and II were preceded by multitudes of signs that were indeed recognized by some but were explained away or ignored by very many more—and clearly because high-placed men were more interested in the ends they sought, with almost no concern for the consequences of their seeking, which consequences entailed multiple millions of dead and wasted.

“The future always foreshadows itself” via signs or signals of what is to come.

The definition of a sign is given as “something that serves to indicate the presence or existence of something”—such as present or forthcoming danger. Synonyms are given as symptom, mark, token, presage, portent, warning, and premonition—extended by metaphors such as bird of ill omen, gathering clouds, put on one’s guard, heed at one’s peril, signs of the times ahead, and so forth.

These definitions are workable enough to establish an educational course of Signs 101 and sufficient enough to at least intellectually establish the basic reality of signs and signals.

There is also insufficient education with respect to awareness, intelligence, wisdom, and especially that enigmatic thing they emerge out of—human consciousness itself.