We as a society should focus on the free energy devices wireless transmission of energy and stop depleting the earth of forests oil gas and resources. Magnetic energies and telluric e energies should be enough for all our needs. We should start massive reforestation projects paying people to do that and give ownership to the land for 300 years to those that reformat the land.

Tar sands should cease to exist. Oil exploitation also. Massive promotion of permaculture and cleaning the earth of plastic debris and nuclear waste.

Animals should not be exploited and kept in cages anymore. They should be set free. A plant-based diet should be the food of choice.

Travel read to learn to imagine as if there is no tomorrow.

Build free universities; learning is a right for everybody. Make education priority of all TV stations.

Clean your space clean yourself and create art beautiful buildings in the sink with nature, energy efficient.

Respect yourself those around you all life forms and restore the health of this earth.

Stop the wars.