Time Space and Electrical Reality

You conceive actions in terms of time since in physical world action seems to take up time in the same way a chair seems to take up space.

Electrical reality of thoughts and emotions and of dreams appear to be purely psychological in origin and take no space in the physical universe.

Electrical field has his own variety of dimensions.  Depths are contained within this system that are not depths in terms of space but rather depths and dimensions in terms of varying intensities.

There is also here a duration that is closely connected with intensity but not with continuity in terms of time.

In this electrical system a travel thorough time would merely involve a travel trough intensities.

There is a constant motion in this system as in all others and the constant motion makes motion possible within your own system.

According to Seth in Jane Roberts Books “The time is an electrical impulse that grow by intensity and not by moments.”

To speak of backward and forward is meaningless.

There are only various pulsations of varying intensities. Since strong intensities are natural result of weaker intensities it would be meaningless to call one present and one past.

Within your physical field and with physical time you ride the waves of these pulsations.

When the  pulsation is weak you call it past, when is the strongest you call it present, and one that seems to you not yet as strong as present you name it future.

You make the division yourselves. You have the framework and all the possibilities potential and limitations inherent within a system set up with a divided time field.

Eye idols. Anunnaki and modern satellites

When the Anunnaki mission earth reached its full completion, there were six hundred of them on Earth. While 300 remained in orbit servicing the shuttlecraft.

The Sumerian term for the later was IGI.GI literally “Those that observe and see.”

Archeologists have found in Mesopotamia many objects they call “Eye idols” as well as shrines dedicated to these gods

Texts refer to devices used by the Anunnaki “to scan the earth from end to end”.

These texts and depictions imply the use by the Anunnaki of earth orbiting celestial “seeing eyes” satellite that observes and see.

Some earth scanning and fixed position communication satellites launched in our modern times such as Intelsat IV and Intelsat IVA look like these millennia-old depictions.