Gratitude a new Money

Gratitude is riches complaints is poverty.

To have a rich life you must be grateful for everything to do with money.
Ancient spiritual wisdom system that what we give to another person with a full hearth returns to us hundredfold.

Being grateful and saying thank you to another person for anything you receive front them is vital to improving your life. Gratitude I’d a powerful energy, and so whomever you direct gratitude ‘ s energy  toward that’s where it goes.

If you think of gratitude ‘ s energy as a magic dust then when you express your gratitude to another person in return for something you’ve received from them, you are literally sprinkling them with that magic dust . The positive powerful energy in magic dust reaches and affects whomever you sprinkle it on.

The Number Three Affects the Mind

The  number three affects the mind, body and intellect bringing clarity of mind and peacefulness.

1. The three expression of intelligence
Works things out for itself
Recognize the value of what others can understand
Cannot grasp anything for itself or by example of others.
By observing these classes  in yourself you will begin to see clearly in other peoples. Other people want to tell you a story, the story of what they are worth, and their hopes and fears are often expressed through these three aspects of intelligence.

2. The three classes of humanity

Those people who are fixed in their way and behaviour. They take charge of life.
Those people who are changeable moment to moment reflecting life back at others. They wish to be part of life cycles.
Those who are not either the first two but they feel the life is a battle. They feel overwhelmed by life.

3. The three facets of a precious life.
Be open to learning and encourage  others to do the same.
Be open to earning your way in the world and help others do the same.
Do not shy of yearning for the beautiful and true in your life and help other do the same.

4. The three excellent attitudes
Think good thoughts
Speak good words
Make every action and deed a good one.

5.The three states
What other people  say is in conflict with their sensitivities, beliefs or religion
What other people say it has been discovered before
What other people say they have always  believe it.
Remember allow your beliefs to be adaptable, but your experience and understanding to be solid.

6. The three prime ways
In gaining the knowledge of yourself , the world and other people there are three prime ways.
Observation of peoples, yourself and nature.
Reflection on what you observed.
Taking your observation and applying them to the world at large.

7. The three questions
What is right or wrong in my life
What is true or false in my life
What in my life is inspired and what is painful

8. The three kind of peoples
Peoples are driven by the desire to feel alive, to be safe, secure and whole.
There are people that make things happen.
People that expect things to happen.
The vet majority who have no idea whether anything  happened.

9. Three things we should do e wry day.
Laugh – at ourselfs, with others but never at others.
Reflect – on inspiring ideeas ,  be still and meditate on serenity
Empathize -with your fellow  human beings.

10. The three qualities to possess
Generosity  in all your thoughts and actions
Humanity in dealing with other peoples
Self-control  in e press ion your own success.

11. The three passions
Hopefulness of love in all forms.
Courage to accept all forms of wisdom, and not think that wisdom come from one source only.
Of your own free will enter into the suffering  of humankind  and help to ease it,  enabling others to rise their heads to know they are worthy of humanity.