The Electrical System

Selections from my next book “Forgotten Knowledge”

The electrical system is composed or electricity that is different from our idea of it.

The electricity as we perceive it is an echo emanation or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsations which give actuality to many phenomena which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical field.

The electrical system is vastly dense. This is a denseness that does not take up space that is caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical but there are no identical impulses within them.

The gradation of intensities is so minute that it would be impossible to measure them, and yet each field contains in coded forms the actual living reality of endless eons.; contain the past present and the future of unnumbered universes; contains the coded data of any and every consciousness that has been or will be in any universe.

The density is extremely important for it is a density of intensities.  The electricity that is perceivable within our systems is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that we cannot perceive.

Electricity has been studied only by observing the projection of it that are perceivable within their terms of reference. Distorted explanation will be given if the physical instruments will be able to give a glimpse of this reality that is not in the systems of reference of the present science.

Inner self offer many clues. It operates outside of physical references, it is of itself free of distorted effects.

Dream location have psychological reality and a definite actuality. Dream locations are composed of electrical mass density and intensity.

Each of your thoughts is composed of a unique intensity of impulse shared by noting else, also every dream you will have in your lifetime; all your experience is gathered together in particular ranges of intensity completely unique and the summation of all that you are exists in one minute range or band of intensities.

This not only applies to your physical field but also to all others. Your field is contained within its own range of intensities a tiny band of electrical impulses a million times smaller that one note picked at random from the entire mass of smaller than one note picked at random from the entire mass of musical composition.

All motion is mental or psychological motion and all mental or psychological motion has its electrical reality. The inner self moves by moving through intensities. Each new experience opens up a new pulsation intensity. TO move through intensities within the electrical system gives the result in the physical field of moving trough time.

Energy Ley Lines

The earth is covered by these energy lines.
They are:

Single positive lines most of the time one meter wide. This line is indicated by a single crossing of the dowsable rods. There is a direction of the flow of energy flow in the line.

The negative lines this happen when the two rods open and oppose each other. Negative lines seem to be connected directly  to the earth energy and to be instrumental in the discharge  of other line energy.

Three lines that run together which are known as three line Ley .  These lines are present in churches and tumuli. These are the lines that the crop circles form between. They are 100 m apart. They have property  of telepathy when thoughts  are focused and of unconscious  healing for for human and animals.

When dowsable  rods are pointed right to left shows flow of energy in line and also can indicate the flow of water underground.

Whirly  lines are when the dowsable  rods start to spin round as you walk through this line. This is a powerful line. These lines are less common but seems to be instrumental in transporting energy în greater quantities  that positive lines do.

Where lines cross the rods will spin round at one spot because of the vortexes made by the lines crossing.

Multiple of four lines the rods will point alternately left and right until you met the negative line which mark the edge of the complex.

The birds navigate by the lines of our standing energy field. Solar flares storms that hit the earth atmosphere  upset magnetic field and Ley lines.

Oil drilling also disrupt  the Ley lines. This upset each air  navigation that cannot use the compass and need to use visual navigation.

Lightning  has effect on line grid system  and are one of the causes of energy increase or at least helping to sustain  it.

Crop Circle Communication

Crop circles

Southern England has known crop circles sites. They are associated  with weak weather  fronts crossing the region.

High rate of crop circles appeared at Wiltshire  and Hampshire. The importance  of chalk soil,  insulating, electrically charged soil from the subsoil chalk beneath.

Creation of crop circles are associated  with luminous  balls of light that are sometime colored and sometime pulsate. Red and orange tinted lights are most frequently seen, colors that correspond  to the emission spectrum of atmospheric nitrogen and it’s oxides.

Radio frequency  effects are sometime noted.
In August 1986 in mountain  of Yamagata Japan  and maintain diameter  of circle was blasted into a pond , 20 tones of water wasted front the rice paddy and a period  of severe television  interference  was associated  with this event. Also a report of bright orange light of ball lighting was also reported.

Colors lights occasionally  pulsating  and with an audible hum are all authenticated.

Dream Recall

Dream  recall and practical  aspects of dream investigations let us use the dreams in our daily  life.

This encourage the flexibility  of consciousness.

Buy a notebook to be used exclusively  for dreams. Keep it with a pencil or a pen by your bed. Before you fall to sleep at night give yourself  sugestion .”I will remember  my dreams and write them down in the morning.

You will find that you will remember  them when you wake-up . Write  them  down at once before getting  out of bed. Concentrate  about capturing  as much of the dream content as possible.

If you recall  several  dreams jot down quick sentence about each then add the details. Leave space after each entry  for future notes.

Do not use a clock radio with news on. The dream must be recalled before you become mental involved with the world’s  activities.

The unseen self is not a dungeon of repressed ideeas and feelings dangerous  to behold but the fountain  of individual  existence upon which our  present physical  survival is dependent.

It is our pathway to creative  expression  inspiration  and wisdom a doorway  to our greater  identity.

The method  of dream recall  will allow  many  people  to remember  more dreams in a month  that they  previously  did in their entire lives.

Sugestion  will allow  you to awakes soon as a dream is completed. The dream will be fresh. You can record your dream with a microphone  easily at hand then you can speak your dream with less effort than is required  to write it down.

Records must be kept. The simplest  part of this experiment will involve the use of sugestion  to awaken you self at the completion  of each dream.

The first recalled  dream for any given evening be compared  with the first  recalled  dream from other evenings, the second recalled  dream from any evening  be compared  with the second dream from other evenings and so forth.

If this experiments are carried  on consistently  over a product of years the results lead to excellent evidence for the various  layers the subconscious  and inner self.

Unknowns characters within the dream action person’s unknown  to your daily life should be given careful attention. The primary  colours should be noted.

Dream events should  be checked against physical  reality so that any clairvoyant  elements  should be checked .

Inner Sense and Psychological Time

Each can perceive the inner realities using the second inner sense.
The inner sense or psychological time have been discussed under different names in ancient manuscripts.

Psychological time belongs to the inner self that is to the mind. It is a collective  portion  of the inner senses , a natural pathway  meant to give easy access  from the inner to outer world and back again.

You are far more than the conscious  mind and the self which you do not admit is the portion  that not only insures your own physical  survival, but which is also the connective between yourself and your inner reality.

The outer senses will not help man the inner purpose that drive him.

Unless he uses inner senses he might loose what he had gained.

Inner senses give much stronger impressions  that outer senses. It is possible to achieve counterparts of sight, sound, smell and touch using inner senses.

It is hard to explain inner data in terms of outer data.

A communication coming through inner senses will exist in your psychological time. Psychological time operates during sleep and quiet hours of consciousness.

In dreams you may have the feeling of experiencing many hours or days. These days are not recorded by the physical body and are outside of the time camouflage

from Jane Roberts and Seth books


The sense of self importance  lead people away from the truth.

Simple life in close contact with nature is an absolute condition for happiness and peace.

The humanity deep spiritual concreteness  to nature and especially  trees still survives today in folk customs and such universals  symbols of rebirth as the Christmas  tree.

John Taylor Gatti speaking  of his decades of teaching experience  declares that the school system has been deliberately  designed to dun children down and kill the creative potential, so as to turn them into compliant  members of the faceless workforce.

You should live close to the plants. Do not cut trees. GOD CO CREATED EVERYTHING. All ar his little children.

We should try to determine the truth with your feelings. Trust yourself to them. Free yourself from mercenary  dogmas.
from Anastasia Series By Vladimir Megree.


All forms have consciousness. Consciousness was inherent in the first materialization in 3D plane.

A tree is conscious of itself as a tree. It does not consider itself a rock. A dog knows it is not a cat.

Self consciousness does not involve humanity as per se.

So called human consciousness did not suddenly appear. The beginning of human consciousness began as soon as multi cellular grouping began to form in field patterns of a certain  complexity.

The consciousness  of being human was fully developed  in the cave man but the human conception was a alive in the fish.

Mental genes are blueprints for physical matte r and in these mental genes existed the pattern for human type of self consciousness. It did not appear in construction for a long period of time.

Human consciousness existed in psychological  time and in the inner time long before you as a species  constructed it.

from Seth and Jane Roberts Books