Climate Restoration Principles

  • Proliferate actions by sowing seeds that acknowledge and respect a sense of place
  • Plant forests The land should be 75% forests food forests and the rest should be used for other human activities
  • Each family should own minimum 5 acres of land 4 acres should be forested using permaculture principles.
  • Use resources intelligently
  • Turn waste into components and nutrients and cycle them
  • Encourage and support diversity. Design for resilience
  • Seek to observe and understand nature as a rich source of circular, restorative and regenerative insights and wisdom, and model them in all human-scale systems
  • Do not harm nature in any way and form
  • Use renewable energy
  • Reuse seeds
  • Plant plants that belong to the land
  • The forests should be restored food forests if possible diverse forests not uni plant plantations.
  • Take care of the nature of the wild life.
  • Controlling wild life population should be a thing of the past Governments and organizations should protect wild life population not control or kill them. They have a right to live as we do.



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