The real kind of time expands extends and contracts and within those e landing stretching and contracting we exists.

We have to search for a mind dynamic function in ourselves that can do likewise and produces information. We might stretch expand into time and not know unless we arrive back so to speak with ultimately verifiable information.

There is an aspect of ourselves that clearly utilizes processes that are not linear tine like and that also extend expand and contract. Thus aspect consists of our abilities to perceive meanings.

Thus is the definition of our introspective psychic life within which we consider the meaning of things.

The perceived meaning of things expand and extend the overall functioning of our mind dynamic systems. Our capacities for resigning and logic are totally dependent of our capacities to perceive meanings.

The original Latin definition of intellectus is perception of relationships and of intuitus is perception of meanings.

The intelectus-intuitus loop things together simply because meanings exists between things. This is important to future seeing because after we can perceive the meanings that interconnect things we can almost automatically intuit the future and past implicit in the meanings.


Most people have been made aware of the ozone hole which of continues to enlarge will no longer block cancer causing ultraviolet radiation and from the sun. The ozone has come about because of the increases of industrial atmospheric pollutants that destroy ozone molecules.

Take a piece of paper and write “ozone hole” on the right and “industrial atmospheric pollutants ” on the right. Consider the possible meanings of the two combined. Now between the two write down the year 2010.

Then take your pencil and draw loops that link “ozone hole”, ” industrial atmospheric pollution ” and “2020”. You must physically draw this out otherwise the right hemisphere will not be stimulated unit image building functioning. Now watch mind pictures forming in your head.

Teachings of Thoth the Atlantean about Time Space and the Eternal Thought

In the beginning there was eternal thought and for the thought to be eternal time must exist.

So in all pervading thought grew the Law of Time.

Time exist through all space floating in a smooth rhythmic movement that is eternally in a state of fixation.

Time change not but but all things change in time.

Time is the force that holds events separate ea h în its proper place.

Time is not in motion but you move trough time as your consciences moves from one event to another.

So that the time to exist an eternal One exists.

You should know that e energy though in time you are separate, you are still One, in all time existent.

Time moves strange angles. Only by curves could be attained the key to access to time space.

Seek to learn the pathway that leads through   the space that is formed forth in time.

With all your seeking forget not that the light is the goal you shall seek to attain.

The cosmos is order and the part of a movement that extends to all space a part of an order of orders constantly moving in a harmony of space.

Light is life and without the great light nothing can ever exist.

Man is of light and light is of man.

All space is filled by worlds within worlds one within the other and yet separated by law.

Fear is the bond of the soul. Fear has existence created by those who are bound by their fear.

Shake of the bondage and walk in Light. Man is what he believe it a brother of darkness or a child of light.



Infinity is but a part of the greater space which we call transcendental.

The spirals of time space must be consciously known to one before he can move into them. When the space time are known one has developed the power to move backward and forward in space and time.

Everything has his opposite; remove one pole and the other cease to exist.

Time is a result of the existence of materiality.

The soul of man is the flame which is bound to the mountain flesh.

The light of consciousness change the disorder to order. This is the basis of everything.

When two parts of unit consciousness have become one with the one becoming all it is possible  to go forward into the higher cosmic cycles.

To the light what we call form is formless. Only in the light does true reality exist.

Keep your face to the light turning the thoughts to the master within, avoiding the glittering promises of material power.

In light time does not exist.