Earth Chakra

Earth chakra has two petals. Each is dedicated in living in a grounded way on the planet. In the third dimension fear based survival and the instinctive reaction to challenges by fight or fly. At this level the chakra is constantly  open desperately  seeking security. It spin too fast creating anxiety or too slowly resulting depression.

The story of this chakra  is the journey to trust.

In order to experience  completely  the benefits of your incarnation  you must be grounded which involve having your feet chakra open.

These send down psychic roots into the ground to enable you to drink in the earth  energies which will support  you and sustain you on a daily  basis. This prana will be drawn up to your chakra  system to merge with the spiritual  light coming down.

You can then pass the higher frequencies down trough  your feet chakra  into earth. When this process works properly this enables you to be in reality at all the time.

When you ascend to higher energies you become  a conductor which links heaven and earth. So you must be able to anchor yourself to access deeper earth  energies and connect with the Leland broke the source light pass through you.

There is an ex ion that you cannot  go higher than you go deep. As an analogy you cannot  built a tall edifice without  a deep foundation for many life’s depend on the safe grounding of this building.

Your spiritual structure has exactly the  same needs , as above so it is below.