Pyramids in North America and Octagonal Shaped Enclosures

In 1492 when Columbus discovered America at least 57.3 million people lived in Americas.

At the confluence of the Scioto River and the Ohio River a group of mounds and earthworks was constructed around 100 A.D.

Three sets of parallel walls forming 160 foot wide walkway extended for over 20 miles connecting three massive and different shaped earth work together.

These earthworks extended across the Ohio River from one side to other then back.

In Ohio there remain several enormous circular and octagonal shaped enclosures many if which perfectly predict lunar movements and eclipses.

Near East St Louis, Illinois a 100 foot earthen truncated pyramid still exists. Its base is larger than the Great pyramid of Giza and a maze of other mounds and several wood hedge features also remain at this ancient city that once had a population of over 25000.

From “The latest Scientific Evidence Mound Builders Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten Record of Ancient America” Gregory Little, Ed. D. John Van Auken, Lora Little