Nature and Faith

In paying respect to the nature you pay respect to yourself. And know that you are part of the nature too, and so faith is inspired.

Anywhere there is nature there is making faith.

You can find and develop faith and a knowing trust that all will be well by going into nature and immersing yourself in it.

By gazing into the vastness of a blue sky and loosing the repetitive chatter of your everyday mind, or by being part of the growing energy of a forest, or by merging your spirit with the surge of a sea.

Self love

Sit quietly and close your eyes . See your body dislodged into a pile of ashes and see remake itself. All your emotions and negativity especially from the past dissolve and you are filled with calmness quiet and rest.

Self care for yourself will support your spiritual development. Make sure that you eat well, exercise, get enough  sleep. Feel your spirit by doing things that you enjoy such as listening to music reading poetry  or walking in beautiful surroundings, make a beautiful home for yourself.