The divine light is divided into color rays which shine onto Earth.

All colors affect us as we know from the way in which we describe our moods. One person may be in a black mood, another may feel blue. Golden sunlight brightens us up while silver moon makes us feel more reflective. If you need energizing you may choose to wear red or orange.

Color breathing where you look at a color and breathe it into cellular level is recognized as a potent form of healing.  Color rays of the Source light influence you deeply and profoundly for each one bathes you with specific divine energy.



Infinity is but a part of the greater space which we call transcendental.

The spirals of time space must be consciously known to one before he can move into them. When the space time are known one has developed the power to move backward and forward in space and time.

Everything has his opposite; remove one pole and the other cease to exist.

Time is a result of the existence of materiality.

The soul of man is the flame which is bound to the mountain flesh.

The light of consciousness change the disorder to order. This is the basis of everything.

When two parts of unit consciousness have become one with the one becoming all it is possible  to go forward into the higher cosmic cycles.

To the light what we call form is formless. Only in the light does true reality exist.

Keep your face to the light turning the thoughts to the master within, avoiding the glittering promises of material power.

In light time does not exist.