The Psychic Factors and the Future

If we can see what is going to happen, we can take steps to avoid it or in the business sense take advan6as many peoples do.

Even if the psychic alerts are ambiguous, one can go to a sympathetic hypnotherapist. A little light hypnosis might have fill enough details to allow to change the habits and the future.

Another way is to relax and get a better picture of what the premonition is consisted.

Another way us to consult the horoscope which is a ancient psychic tool.

If we stay psychic illiterate we do not stand any hope of learning to use our psychic capabilities to some good advantages.

It might be that some people will need to depend in psychic alerts only once or twice in their life but that would be of strategical survival importance.

None of this is hard to do.
When you try to explain premonitions away, you dig an intellectual hole and then fall into it.

The future must exist in order to be seen.
The future seeing is possible and it does occur.
Question Can anyone see something that does not actually already existed in some place or in some dimensions?

Future events or at least part of them already exist someplace for if they did not no one could see them ever.

The most basic implication of this is that the future is at least partially creating us in some strange way we cannot understand.

The future feeds back to us through psychic seeing allowing us to change it if we are smart enough to grasp the chances to do so.

This is the key to the universe. We cannot change the present time. By the time the present time.take place it is too late. What we can change apparently is the future if we can learn to see it or even parts of it.

The psychic potentials every one of us possess can and do at times perceive the information on the loop via several psychic functions dreams precognition astrology consulting seers , all of which apparently exists for that specific purpose.

The question is if we can change the future if and when one can perceive it through some mode of psychic capabilities.

The answer is yes if we can.learn to accept the alerts.our psychic sensing elements try to impress into our intellects.

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