Psychic Experience Help Exercise

Find a quiet time sit down with a pen and paper and try to recall instances in which you have experienced some psychic prompting . Note the approximate date, write the prompting down and then note if you took advantage of it or not and what the outcome was.

This will help your intellect become more aware of your personal psychic experience.

Remember the intellect learns by repeating things several times.

Read your list every one in a while adding to it upon occasion.

Talk to people who you perceive as being successful in some way and find out how much they have relied on psychic inputs or how they view sources of psychic information.

In a sort of creative visualization mode begin to ask your intellect to attune itself more and more and in every way to psychic pits of information it might receive.

Begin keeping a list of practical purposes you could use psychic clues for if you could learn to work with your psychic factors.

There is nothing about is humans no organ no structure no phenomenon that does not exist for a purpose.
Everything about us exists for a purpose and function. Therefore our psychic factors exist for specific purposes and functions.

But those that provide us with information about the future can be extraordinarily valuable.

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