Power and Skills

THE POWERS: The innate human factors that can produce an action or an effect.

THE INTELLIGENCES: The innate human powers of mind that can produce or manufacture understanding in different categories of realities and available or unavailable information sets.


(1) All of the innate powers of the human mind that form the basis of all mental awareness and perceptions; and

(2) the power of doing anything.

THE CAPACITIES: The innate human powers having to do with maximum energization, production or output.


(1) The innate human powers of inventing; and

(2) the innate human powers of cleverness in devising, combining, designing, or contriving. THE INTUITIONS: (1) The innate human powers and faculties of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought and inference; and immediate apprehension or cognition.

THE CLEVERNESSES: The innate human powers of adroit resourcefulness.

THE SAGACITIES: The innate human powers of keenness, penetration, estimation, and adaptation.

THE ARTS: The innate powers of human ingenuity for adapting all things to human use.

THE ABILITIES: The innate human powers of competence via natural talent or acquired proficiency.


(1) A learned power of doing anything competently; and

(2) learned technical, proficient, and dexterous ability to use knowledge, information, and data effectively and readily in execution or performance.