To be happy we need first to allow ourselves to be so now. Accept yourself as you are without  embellished  or regret.

Start by aiming to experience everyday life in as open and direct  manner as possible. From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep, allow every expert come to you without judgement. The key is acceptance.

Accepting whatever  happens is a hard task at first.

We often live our lives in reaction to experiences . These reactive responses continue the subtle  limbs of our suffering.

Acceptance takes the sting out of the reactivity and create for us insight into the way we make the life happen.

You lack nothing. If you can accept this the path will start to reveal itself.

We need to find  our ability  to reconnect  with one another and with the gifts  of nature. For this we need our humidity  to emerge. Humility  is the foundation of generosity.

To find this humility you must encourage  simplicity  of thought  and directness of action in all parts  of your life.

Respect the society  that you find yourself  into and understand that great value can be found in what you have and are.

A focused and sincere hearth  and direct mental focus are often enough.

Live every day not as if it were your last but for what it is an unknown  experience  potentially able to offer  your connection with your humanity  and happiness.

Tibetan Healing System Kum Nye

To heal someone you need first to known why people suffer.
If through healing you can show them how to stop suffering, you have fulfilled your role as a physician.

At the hearth of all suffering  there is a spiritual remedy. By transforming chaos within the mind and body the physician give the patient opportunity  for healing happiness  and wisdom.

Meditation  and compassion are necessary ,  without  these resource the know can easily be used in an unskillful  ways.

Healing is a continual stream of energy that flows from human consciousness  into the natural and man made world.

Trough techniques and observation , you can learn to connect with this continual stream of healing.

Healing is also an aspect of love of an expanding compassion that comes from the drive of consciousness  to seek itself.

Healing  is not only making a person better is making a person more conscious.

Healing is an act of self knowledge  too. We are our own healers. When  we know  that we need healing, we activate the healing within us, which awakens  the knowledge  of who we are.