Photo Band

According  to quantum physics both of a pair of photons that originated in one positronium  atom always have the same angle of polarization the spatial orientation, the spatial orientation  of the Photon wavelength action as it travel away from its point of origin (original positronium) no mater how far they become.

Thus what happened  to a photonic particle in one part of the Galaxy happens to its twine simultaneously.

Thus what happens in the Pleiades to the star Maya is exactly what is happening  in Earth Solar system.

The Photon Band is the activation mechanism  for the climax of the Mayan Great Calendar.

Alcove is located externally in the Band. Alcove provide stellar gravity of the Pleiades, as the Sun provides solar gravity for our solar system.

According to physicists gravity is the force in the Earth’s core that draws weight to itself. From the Palladian point of view gravity is the first dimension  of any system that originates communication links with nine dimensions of intelligence.

All other dimensions derive from 1D locus and as they jury away from 1D  center they become increasingly  less solid.

Coricancea City of Gold Peru

Temple of the Moon, Temple of the Sun

Ceremonial Door with 14 angles within the Sun Temple

Who Designed the Inka Buildings When How they Transported the rocks

Why the stone are not sliding in the Inka walls

Construction Principle of Inka Buildings

Education, Quipu Record keeping, Temple of Sun Astrologers in Inka time, Meaning of the holes in the walls of the Sun Temple

Pre Inka civilizations and when the temple was built.

Cronices of Peru found in a Private Collection in Copenhagen.

Stone for the canals, 600 Golden Plates sent to Spain from here.

Sacrifice Altar Place and explanations.

Walls textures and canals.


Spiritual Teachings

When you are ready for new spiritual teaching it will be brought to you.

Act with goodness and do not take responsibility of others. Cut ties to relationships  that do not serve the greater good.

Machu Picchu  Peru is one of the four inter dimensional portals on the planet. The portal of Machu Picchu needs to be used and keep pure by spiritual people in order to raise it’s energy.

Thoth established  the Inka civilization. It was the Inka wise ones who built the sacred portal of Machu Picchu hidden in the mountains.

It could only be entered via a tortuous  climb during which they had to undertake  a number of purification  rituals.

Aspects of wisdom

The ability to still the mind so that is receptive  when you listen.
The ability to  feel the divine truth.
The ability to understand  the divine truth at a deep level
The ability to act on it.
The ability  to teach others  so they get it at a deep level
The ability to feel who you are?
The ability to merge   with God.

In Crete  Greece  is the Temple of Truth in the etheric realm for Lord Hilarion  that come  from Saturn.

Storms are influenced by thoughts and emotions of people living in the area. Fears of people generate great damage. Storms act as cleansing elements.