Ancient Cherokee Teachings

The amount of Galactic  knowledge  that the Earth can hold is determined  by the atonement  to the knowledge  within yourself.

If you are walking out of your house and feeling hatred  for your street, town or land around yourself, you are in danger.

You must take time to attune to the place you live and feel it in your heart.

You must work with the energies  of your place to enhance them enough so you are responsive to earth again, or you must seek a place where your hearth expands in  the rain and sunlight.

Look deeply inside and name what you fear, while choosing to live in a place that expands you.

Next go out into your world , do exactly  what you fear most and observe yourself carefully.

Intend what you want and if you find yourself saying I can’t I Won’t  blow through it and say I want this and then do it.

Begin living right in the moment . You  will only be able to do these things if you really feel hearth expansion and grounding in your  special place.

Feel  the love raising in your home, and you will recognize this by how you feel in your hearth.

Dualized Reality and Polarization

With polarization  two units are in resonance  they are interconnected and they are capable of linking different dimensions and worlds.

Units that are dualized are separated in one dimension, such as either/or, black /white ,  us/them in 3D. Dualized environments are very limiting and intelligence is diminished.

Atonement  to synchronicity affords fleeting, glimpses into cosmic realms that rip your sight wide open.

Energy and Healing

Everything is energy and vibrations, and just like being around angry people can make you sick, people who heal themselves and release that good feeling into the field make everybody feel better.

These feelings can heal other humans, animals, microbes,  plants, elementals and spirits.

These feelings  are potent source of mental spiritual healing that seem to be miraculous and that are more subtle and more potent that physical healing.

Thought  and intent literally  determine the health status of your organs, and people’s get sick from ideas all the time.

The power of your personal  healing field is directly  proportional to the power of your love.

When you work with emotional energies on Earth you can send this healing force anywhere.

If you are doing something and you feel bad, that discomfort is a signal that elementals of the underworld
( 2D)  do not like being stuck editor your body to trigger  your action.

Then they get stuck and lurk in deep pools in your bodies miasms and whenever you are exposed to the sweeping chaotic energies these elementals resonate with chaos.

These wounded places can easily be felt in your bodies and if you listen to their messages you won’t get sick.

Whenever you are processing any intense feelings notice which part of your body is in pain.

Move your awareness into that place, and with great respect ask these elementals forces to release themselves through dimensional portals and return to their own homes.

Chiron os the planet that rules clearing the body by releasing the deepest pain.

There is not one disease that cannot be healed just by thought.