Dreams are of different types. Many are about relationships with other individuals, some are warnings about conditions to be met, some suggestion hoe to solve a problem.

Dreams often contain advice or lessons and some are prophesy of future events.

There are dreams that make such an impression on the conscious forces and become a portion of the mental activities of the mind and they should be interpreted.

There are dreams caused by food we have eaten and they should not be interpreted.

The difference between the two is that one is well remembered and the other might be a worry or a nightmare without any specific point.

Dreams arising from individual experience are experiences of the soul or cosmic body in periods when the consciousness of material things is more or less subjugated by the mental or spiritual  forces of an entity .

These dreams come as a lesson or symbolic experience of the one having them or those with whom he is associated.


Human activities such as nuclear bombs draining of oil fields were affecting the crust of the earth. Activities of nature are not impersonal forces but responsive to the same order that governed moral affairs.

This time the destruction can be by fire not water as in New Testament. Costal cities of California, farmlands of Alabama  and the economy of the country USA can follow .

Some of these changes are reversible , few good individuals  working together  could save a city or religion if they prayed  and worked as they prayed.


Money and ideals should not be buried but invested in life.

If you want love give love if you want friends be friendly, if you want mercy be merciful , if you want to have beauty make your world beautiful for others.

Use what  you have in hand and the rest will be given to you.

There was no disease that did not have the cure available somewhere on earth, a cure that could be found and used through psychic capacities that were an integral part of faith.