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Oct 20, 2023

Morning Exercise

To ensure the proper frame of mind start each day with this mental exercise that will fill you with the proper energy.

1. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes.
2. Visualize a beam of bright white pure light coming down from heaven and hitting the tip of your head. This is the light of ultimate creation and life.
3. Visualize this beam of cleansing light spreading throughout the entire body.
4. You are now charged with the Universal spirit and ready to go.

Follow your heart and rekindle the flame which will lead you to success beyond your dreams.


Although the Romans are considered the greatest aqueduct builders of the ancient world, qanāt systems were in use in ancient Persia, India, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries hundreds of years earlier. Those systems utilized tunnels tapped into hillsides that brought water for irrigation to the plains below.
Cuneiform Letters
How to write Anunnaki using Cuneiform Letters

Buffalo Pan American Exposition 1901

Buffalo Exposition 1901 There are rare photos of this exhibition. Few of the buildings are still standing such as The Buffalo History Museum. If you are aware of more sites please write in the comments.

Addresses and links of a few objectives in Buffalo, New York State, USA

UC Book Sale Website

We updated the links to Blogs and Social Media on the main page and also have published a new book Forgotten Knowledge


Forgotten Knowledge by Liliana Usvat - New Book

This book explores the knowledge of extremely ancient history old history and teachings regarding human abilities that were almost lost or less used because of external intervention.

The book presents information about Anunnaki, Sumerians Egyptians. and some of the ancient teachings. and technologies.

Presents subjects such as aura perception, psychic restoration, invisible energies and forces, bio-psychic powers, time looping, learning versus power, self-sourcing power, the science of imagery, how to increase the speed of thinking and the relation between plants' energy and health.



The Technology of Teleportation Existing at the present moment and the proof that this technology existed in the past. I left the Original Hasan Mustafa screenshots in this Blog.



Electric cars 100 years ago
Artificial Canals
Underground Railway to Canada
Pan American Exposition 1901
1812 Burning of the City by English People
Steel Factory
Seneca Nation History

Psychic Powers of Healing

Psychic powers of healing are not acknowledged by the scientific community.
The mind has no specific location.
Self and brain are not synonimus.
Forgotten Knowledge by Liliana Usvat


1863 Buffalo Map

The map of Buffalo can be found at The Buffalo Museum of History it shows a city with man-made canals, 3 and 4-floor buildings with proof of a city planning nice bridges factories and a thriving port and commerce.


Our Lady of Victory Basilica

Our Lady of Victory Basilica and Shrine, Buffalo, USA is a masterpiece of architecture is very similar with the Temple of Music of Buffalo Pan American Exposition

video by Liliana Usvat

Buffalo AKG Art Museum

The Art Museum has 2 buildings, an old one and a modern one connected through a glass bridge. There are a few paintings from old buildings and a few modern art paintings. One Brâncuși Sculpture can also be seen. music by Fabiola Mendez One Brâncuși Sculpture can also be seen.

Fabiola Mendez Concert

Outstanding Artist Fabiola Mendes sing and play instruments at the Buffalo History Museum


1863 Buffalo Map

The map of Buffalo can be found at The Buffalo Museum of History it shows a city with man-made canals, 3 and 4-floor buildings with proof of a city planning nice bridges factories and a thriving port and commerce.

Library of Exceptional E-books
2,400 ebooks for only
According to the guide this botanical Garden existed in 1901 at the Buffalo Pan-American Exposition

Emuna Elish the Babilonian Creation Mith

Emuna Elish the Babilonian Creation Mith
Library of Ashurbanipal at Ninive present Mosul Irak
Old Babylonian Language
Cuneiform script
British Museum London
Anunnaki left from the Middle East and Lake Titicaca in the present Peru
Zodiacal ages

From the Book Forgotten Knowledge by Liliana Usvat
Buffalo Pan American Exposition 1901
Images and facts regarding the exposition such as Electric Tower, which measured 410 feet tall and acted as a great light beacon. In addition to showcasing electricity, other technologies were newly invented at the time.

Richardson Hotel Buffalo

Former Insane Asylum as per the hotel museum opened as a 5-star hotel in 2022 after expensive renovations, probably much older than is recorded in the exhibition, is an example of old architecture and art that could have been a castle in my opinion and reused as an asylum by another generation.


Buffalo Botanical Garden

Images and a short history of the Buffalo Botanical Garden overr 120 years old.


Aurora Ontario in History

A Short History of the Town of Aurora and the explorations of the archeologists. We did not find the entire history of this place. Any new information or maps are welcome.