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History Documentaries, Articles, New Finds 4494/Feb. 2021
Trees Medicinnal and Environmental Benefits, Reforestation Projects, 358,445/ Feb. 2021
Permaculture, Kin's Domain, Social Systems in the future 112/ Feb. 2021
Water Memory and the Environment 2,798/ Feb. 2021
Ancient Alphabets Atlantean, Lemurian, Sumerian 341/Feb. 2021
Travel Notes from around the world. 12,265/ Feb. 2021
New Finds in Canada Dominican Republic 2,911/ Feb. 2021
Picture and History of the Buildings and Peoples 572/ Feb. 2021
Medicinal Plants and Alternative Medicine 18,305/ Feb. 2021
Energy healing, QiGong, Presupuncture, Air, Fasting 611/ Feb. 2021
Liliana Usvat Paintings 615/Feb. 2021
Permaculture documentaries and articles. 2,379/ Feb. 2021
Life Lessons and Valiant Thor Teachings 239/ Feb. 2021
Name Description Visitors
Metaphysics Consciousness Beliefs Metaphisics, Energy of Life, Consciousness 671/ Feb 2021
Environment and Society Medicinal Plants and Medicinal Trees 69,294/Feb.2021