"Knowledge from Beyond " By Liliana Usvat
ISBN E-Book 978-0-9950479-7-6
ISBN Printed Book 978-0-9950479-6-9
Publisher Usvat Corporation



This book is the result of the research into metaphysical subjects and might be an expansion of your knowledge.

The book includes exercises useful for your daily life such as dream therapy for self-healing, Self-hypnosis for weight loss and meditation methods such as Self- Love Meditation for finding peace into your daily life, or a meditation exercise to get more money, or how to connect with the subconscious mind to get the answers to any question.

Subjects touched in this book are: probable selves, space and time, possible selves, inner senses, imagination, core beliefs, conscious mind, the brain, emotions, love, self-love energy and consciousness human potential, spiritual particles, and much more.

We talk about mental enzymes, how they are connected with the pineal gland and how the thought – energy, containing all the codified data translate thoughts into physical actuality.