"Trees with a Purpose "
Forests and Medicinal Trees Series Book 5 "
By Liliana Usvat

ISBN 978-0-9950479-3-8 E-Book
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ISBN 978-0-9950479-2-1 Printed Book
$27 CAD
Publisher Usvat Corporation



This is the fifth volume of the Forests and Medicinal Trees series. In this book Liliana discusses topics on:

Ginkgo biloba Medicinal Uses
Medicinal Uses of Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina)
Medicinal Trees -Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) Insect Repellent
Forests and Global Warming
Old Forests protect Bee Population
Canadian Forests by the Numbers
FURZE Sacred Celtic Bush
Gravity Water Systems
Gray Alder, Alnus Incana Nitrogen Fixing Tree and Medicinal Uses
Japanese Pagoda Tree, Sophora japonica Nitrogen Fixing Trees, Medicinal Uses
Forest Lessons from the Easter Island
Forest and Nature
Nitrogen Fixing Plants Prarie Acacia or Acacia Angustissima
Forest Lessons from the Easter Island

A chilling story of resource exploitation and destruction on Easter Island is beginning to come to light. The first westerners to discover the island wondered how any one could have survived on such a desolate, treeless place. Indeed, this was a mystery until recent core samples taken from the crater lakes showed that the island was heavily forested with a giant now-extinct palm while the Easter Island culture was active.

Easter Island is the prototypical example illustrating the serious consequences of the overexploitation of natural resources by man. According to this thesis, the deforestation of the island, noted by the first explorers, was due to the negligence of the Pascuenses themselves. This latter group, applying no forethought, were said to have cut down all the trees essential to their survival