"Trees that Heal
Forests and Medicinal Trees Series
Book 3 " By Liliana Usvat
ISBN 978-0-9812141-9-1
E-Book $12 CAD
Print Book $27 +S&H
Publisher Usvat Corporation



This is the third volume of the Forests and Medicinal Trees series. In this book Liliana discusses topics on: The book talk about:

Trees that Heal Saguaro Cactus
Soil Building and Medicinal Plant - Blue Elderberry
Trees and Fires
Cheese Tree - Fire Resistant Plant and Medicinal Uses
Mosquito Repellent Trees Cadaga Tree Eucalyptus Torelliana
Mosquito Repellent Trees Clove Tree Syzygium aromaticum Medicinal Uses
Mosquito Repellent Tree Silver Dollar Tree: Eucalyptus Cinerea
Mosquito Repellent Trees Flowering Gum Tree: Eucalyptus ficifolia
Lemon Tree Lemon Forest Lemon Festival Lemon Medicinal Uses
Bougainvillea Bushes - Easy Desert Plant
Lilac Shrub - Symbolism Medicinal Uses and Other Facts
Pine Tree Medicinal Plant
Tree that Grow on Rocks and Tourism at Monserat Monastery
Green Belt of the Cities
Forest Plants - Tumeric - Mecicinal Uses
Plants that Grow in the Forest: Garlic - Medicinal Uses
Cacao Tree
Legume Trees Fix the Soil
Herbs - Artemisia Annua or Sweet Wormwood used for Cancer and Malaria treatment
Peper Tree
Boswellia Sacra Frankincense Biblical Plants Medicinal Uses
Seattle is Building the first Food Forest
Dragon Fruit Tree - Anti Cancer Super Fruit
Forest and Ownership of the Land
Ecotourism - Trees at Fairchild Tropical Gardena Miami Florida
Papaya Tree Medicinal Uses
Fern Tree
Sacred Trees - Banyan Trees- Wish Fulfilling Tree - Medicinal Uses
Strange Trees Cannon ball tree or Couroupita guianensis Medicinal Uses
Reforestation with Rhododendron and Medicinal Uses of the Plant
Beautiful Red Flower Tree Triplaris Cumingiana Long John or Ant Tree Medicinal Uses
Orange Tree
Palm tree Medicinal Uses, History, Planting Tips, Soil Needs, Symbolism
Trees and City Architecture
Low-Water Trees Leather-Leaf Acacia or Acacia craspedocarpa Medicinal Uses
Low water Trees - Acacia farnesiana or Sweet Acacia Medicinal Uses
Ornamental Cherry Trees
Tree of Heaven
Byble Plants - Lebanon Cedars - History, Symbolysm, Medicinal Uses
Forsythia and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Slippery Elm has been Used as Herbal Remedy by Native Americans
Parks and Conservation Ares
Baobab Tree - Protector of the African Continent Fight Diabetis
Aztecs Trees and Gardens and Medicinal Plants