"Energy Project " By Liliana Usvat
ISBN: 978-1-988306-11-7  E-Book
ISBN: 978-1-988306-10-0 Paperback
Publisher Usvat Corporation



The book presents a history of knowledge regarding energy devices and science from ancient times to the present. These knowledge were reflected in the theological sites and in the architecture that was left to us from previous generations. Old books that can be found in the libraries around the world and internet also reveal interesting information about the energy related knowledge

The book talks about underground tunnels of New York powered by pneumatic systems about vimanas, the flying machines of India, about Churches and wireless energy about Nikola Tesla, about pyramids and lost knowledge of the builders and stone circles of South Africa and Middle East.

Interesting facts regarding lost technological knowledges that are somehow connected with the ability to manipulate energy in the museums around the world. Some of the artifacts are very similar with individual flying machines, reinvennted technology of the last century.


Introduction 10
Energy Orgone and Life Force 11
Energy Power 11
Four Engineering Sciences 14
Energy and Universal Peace 17
Energy Paradigm Shift 18
Major Known Forms of Energy 18
Other Types of Energy we learn from Khemites or Ancient Egyptians 19
Orgone Energy 19
Biological Energy Phenomenon 21
Microcosmos Realm of Orgone Energy 21
Clairvoyance and Visualizing Energies 22
Anima 23
Soul Energy 23
Sleep 23
The Life Principle 24
Inanimate and Animate Energy 25
Qi 26
About Energy 27
The Body Energy Mind Concept 28
The Ether 28
Ether in African Concepts 29
Organic Vitality 30
Gas 30
Electrical or Life Energy, Health, Lifetronic Power 31
Lifetronic Energy 33
Primal Forces of the Universe 34
Force Energy and Human Perception 34
Implosion Energy 36
Ancient World Energy Awareness and Technology 37
Antiquity Energies Awareness 37
Knowledge of the Ancients recorded by Remote Viewers 39
Vimanas from the Vedic Books 41
Ancient Golden Machetes of Flying machines at the Met 44
Ancient Cars at the ROM Royal Ontario Museum Toronto 48
Vajra 49
Sceptres of the Ancients 50
Ancient texts about technology great pyramid stones 51
Ancient South Africa -Ancient Energy Grid Africa 54
Ancient Knowledge of Energy in India 57
The Egyptian Pyramid. 58
Pyramid and Electro Magnetism 64
Stupa 65
Magnetism and the Pyramids 66
Egypt Technological 67
Egypt the Unfinished Obelisk 70
Location Location Location 71
Ankh a Free Energy Generator 72
Europe Energy Devices and Architecture 72
Resonance Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies 432 Hz 73
Energy Devices 77
Ancient Greek Forms of Bipoplar Thurderbolt 77
Static electric gathering & electrical devices of antiquity until late middle ages 79
Medieval Time Energy Awareness and Technology 80
Energy Awareness 80
Energy and Star Forts 80
France Medici's Column 83
Money Scalar Waves and Churches 84
Mirrors or Television? 86
PastFlying Machines 89
Work of Magnetics 92
Atmospheric Electricity Forgotten Technology 93
Antennas on Churches and Buildings Wireless Technology? 101
Cathedrals 103
Plasma Discharges in Medieval Time Plazas? 113
Medieval Energy Devices 117
Old Buildings and Energy 118
Sound Technology 121
Antiquitech 121
Energy engineering of the past. Rushlight holder 128
18-19 Century Energy Awareness and Technology 150
Magic Mirrors 151
Franz Anton Mesmer 152
History of Cars and Electrical Cars in1820 154
1790-1864 From the Telegraphical Journal Report on Electricity 159
Wireless Technology Tesla 1891 161
Mysterious illuminations of the 18-19 centuries 162
US Capitol and the Obelisk 180
The Statue of Liberty 180
Buildings and Energy 181
Power Plants 182
Electricity at the Paris Exhibition 1867 184
19th-Century Engineering Magazine Volume 3 186
The First Electric Light 187
Gas Lighting by Electricity 188
Wireless Illuminating Devices 189
Tesla 191
Tesla in Paris. 193
Tesla in New York 193
Electric Lighting and Tesla 203
Electricity at Paris Exhibition 1851-1867 204
Swords Plasma Energy Weapons? 207
Forgotten scientists - Schwabe and Ruhmkorff 209
History of alternative energy. Healthcare 218
Fireplaces Alternative Free Energy Devices? 225
Electricity and Magnetism General Course 1896 237
20-21 Century Energy Awareness and Technology 239
Robots 247
Pen Station New York City 248
The original Pennsylvania Station stood from 1910 until its destruction in 1963. 249
1909 - Occultus / Barbarossa - Whitman 254
Flights 255
Atmosferic Electricity 255
Electric Cars at the beginning of the Last Century 260
Fasces Devices 261
Free Energy Board Circuit of Tartaria 266
Power Centers 269
World Trade Center New York 270
Gravity Control 271
Pneumatic Trains 272
Trees and Electricity 273
Sound Technology 274
Power and Electricity 275
Non-Polar Energy 276
Orgone Energy Non-Electromagnetic Force a Life force which Permeates all Nature 278
Orgone Energy at the North Pole 280
Science Behind Orgone and Gray Clouds 280
Battery and Cannabis 280
Energy Used in DUMBS 283
UFO Energy Awareness Technology and The Future 284
Anti Particle 284
Flying Saucer and Energy 284
Antigravity 287
UFO Propulsion 288
The Future of Energy 292
The Future 292
Apendix 296
Buildings and Electricity 296
Index 312
Bibliography 315
Books by the Same Author 317