"Egypt Travel Notes " By Liliana Usvat
ISBN 978-1-988306-05-6 E-Book
ISBN 978-1-988306-04-9 Paperback
Publisher Usvat Corporation
Published April 2020
294 Pages



This book came as a result of a two week trip to Egypt and two years of research about the country.  The book is filled with fascinating facts and stunning images, this reference to ancient and present Egypt introduces readers to this unique, sometimes startling culture.

Extending the historical and political analysis, the book examines the history, the legends and present facts about Egypt. The books found painted on the tombs in the Valley of the kings, the Coptic Christian Church in Cairo, curiosities about the Great Pyramid.

This book seeks to identify what gave ancient Egypt its distinctive and enduring characteristics, ranging across material culture, the mindset of its people, and social and economic factors.